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Body Wrap

Rob’s Realistic Body Wrap is a truly unique material designed to broaden the horizons of every level fly tier to achieve a more realistic fly! 

Unlike latex which dry rots, this multilayer latex is stabilized in all steps which means it not only holds its color, but will not allow it to degrade from exposure to nature’s elements. 

Once tied to a hook you will notice Body Wrap stretches ten times its size, yet is virtually unbreakable.  The result is flies tied down to a size 20!

Body Wrap is impermeable to water and sunlight, so the color even highlighted with a permanent marker will never fade.  Originally designed for caddis abdomens you can use for a multitude of applications including shell cases, lady worms, chez nymphs, stone flies and even crab claws.

We find that by overlapping wraps and tensions can achieve incredible segmentation.  Body Wrap is offered in 8 realistic colors and each package has enough material to create multiple dozens of any fly.

Body Wrap

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Body Wrap - Natural
Body Wrap - Golden Stone
Body Wrap - Insect Green
Body Wrap - Caddis Green
Body Wrap - #1 Olive
Body Wrap - #2 Olive
Body Wrap - Dark Olive
Body Wrap - Brown
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