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Rob’s Realistics Materials is a unique and innovative solution to achieve highly realistic fly patterns.

We offer synthetic materials geared toward the beginner to the advanced level fly tier.

Our full line of products are designed by some of today’s premier fly tiers and guides who were sick of what the Industry had to offer in terms of materials so we got ‘em in room and listened to every concern or problem with what they were using and made a product they could truly fish or tie with that gave them the edge above what is out today!

Unlike most rubber/silicone-based products, our line is made from an exclusive triple layer stabilized latex. Basically, it is virtually unbreakable, impermeable to UV light, will not dry rot (like rubber or silicone) and it takes to permanent markers. We deal directly with our manufacture to ensure all of our products are up to our specs and are exactly what we are looking for.

We will be updating our product line periodically so check often to see new and innovative products.

As always, “Thank you for encouraging our behavior.“

- Rob Lewis

Olive Body Wrap
Brown Body Wrap
Natural Body Wrap
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